queer&colorful God

“ I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Genesis 9:13

The rainbow appears when God is playing with watercolors in the sky. All these colors, all this beauty, all this plurality. When I was a child I really loved to see the rainbow. The magic between the sun and rain. Later I have learned that the rainbow was a symbol of God. God really likes to play with these magical colors. Just check out the gorgeous colors, the types of flowers, or even, the wings of a butterfly!

Still, as a child, I was told that pink was a girl’s color and blue was a boy’s color. And God was introduced to me with the blue color. God is a male God. Boy. Blue. Father. After some time I discovered that God could also be female God. Girl. Pink. But I wasn’t happy with that. There was still something missing.

Ok. Pink and Blue. But God is more than that. There are more than two colors. More than our language. The creator of the rainbow has only two colors? No, it is impossible! God is not blue. God is not pink. God is all of the rainbow’s colors. All the colors mix up like a beautiful watercolor painting. Neither man, neither woman. If we have to say something about God, it can be this: God is queer. Undefined, holy, fluid, free, beautiful as butterfly’s wings. We have a Queer God who created us in God’s queer image.

For many times, in many religions, men painted God as blue. God without Grace of the diversity of colors, only one color, only one way to see God – without grace at all.

No brushes were given to women, no brushes for LGBTQ, no brushes for black people, no brushes for indigenous, no brushes for the poor. Can the subaltern paint?

But now it is time for all the kinds of people to take their paint-brushes and color this God. I believe in a Queer and Colorful God. Explosion of colors. Like the flowers, like the sunset, like the butterfly wings, like a rainbow, the sign of God!

Let’s pray:

Queer God,
our Mother, our Father, our Brother, our Sister, our Friend
You created in us a colorful heart to see the beauty of your face
You gave us paint-brushes to paint a poem about your love in this world
Love and Beauty that are inspiration to the artists, lovers and mystics
Colorful God, Inspire us in this morning. Inspire us to struggle for all those who had their paint-brushes stolen and cannot paint anymore.
We praise you.
Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti.
Inspired by:

Marcella Althaus-Reid

The Liturgists – God our Mother

Gayatri Spivak



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